Activities for children and adults in Paris

Here are lots of suggestions for family-friendly activities in Paris that all age groups will enjoy.

Zoo de Paris Otaries et enfants

Museum visits involving fun and games, child-friendly festivals, treasure hunts, escape games and haunted houses are among the many family-friendly activities in Paris that adults will enjoy just as much as the children.


The vast majority of Paris museums are welcoming for families, offering tours suited to children, educational workshops, storytelling tours and so on. Some museums even have special areas and exhibitions for children.

The Louvre

Famille en visite au musée du Louvre, Paris

The Richelieu wing of the Louvre has an exhibition space devoted to children and families: La Petite Galerie, where each year an exhibition explores a particular theme, together with a programme of readings, screenings and concerts at the Louvre Auditorium.

On Wednesdays, Sundays and during the school holidays, the museum puts on two family tours per day, providing an opportunity to explore the collections with a different theme for each visit – Animals at the Louvre, Gods and Heroes, Monsters and Mythical Creatures, etc.

Besides the themed tours, there are workshops, storytelling sessions and actor-led performance tours – fresh, entertaining ways to explore the Louvre’s permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, and great fun for all the family.

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The Pompidou Centre

Hall du Centre Pompidou, Paris

Several of the Pompidou Centre’s spaces and tours are specially geared to families.

The Galerie des enfants for children presents two new exhibition-cum-workshops each year for children aged 4 and older. These are the ideal way for the whole family to learn about the artistic vision and creative techniques of contemporary artists working across all genres.

The Atelier des enfants, a creative space for 2-to-10-year-olds, offers workshops to explore artistic techniques as well as museum trails in the company of an artist or musician and tours involving visitor participation. These activities complement the permanent works and the temporary exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou, enabling both children and adults to learn about the art on display and its creation in a different way.

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Muséum national d’Histoire Naturelle

Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle - Galerie des Enfants - Mezzanine Elephant - Paris - © MNHN M. Voyeux

Paris’s natural history museum, the Muséum national d’Histoire Naturelle, is a favourite with families. It houses the fascinating Grande Galerie de l’Évolution, where lifelike specimens of nearly 7,000 animals are displayed, as well as the Galerie des enfants (children’s gallery) and the Ménagerie (zoo) at the Jardin des Plantes. The Galerie de Paléontologie et d’Anatomie comparée presents no fewer than 650 skeletons of fish, birds and mammals. Children and adults alike will be impressed by the diversity of species on display, both extinct and living. The precious specimens on display in the Galerie de Minéralogie et de Géologie provide information about the treasures of the Earth and the solar system.

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Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie

Cité des sciences et de l'industrie, Paris - Exposition intéractive © V Besnard

The Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie located within the Parc de la Villette makes learning science easy for children. Several permanent and temporary exhibitions explain subjects like insects, special effects, video games, the Universe, water and Darwin in a simple and fun way. The Cité des Enfants has two spaces packed with games and experiments for children aged 2 to 7 and 5 to 12.

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Musée d’Orsay

Musée d'Orsay - Galerie impressionnisme - Degas - Petite Danseuse

The Musée d’Orsay has a treasure hunt trail for families. It is free of cost, and an entertaining yet instructive way for all ages to explore the museum’s collections. Other activities such as shows and family workshops are also available.

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Bateaux Parisiens - Croisière Enchantée - 2 - Paris -  © OTCP - DR

All the companies offering cruises along the Seine have family-friendly options.

- The Bateaux Parisiens ‘enchanted cruise’ is an enjoyable way for children to see the sights of Paris. Vedettes de Paris organize cruises specially designed for children during the school holidays, as well as an entertaining ‘Mysteries of Paris’ themed cruise.
- Bateaux Parisiens and Bateaux-Mouches have a children’s menu on their lunch and dinner cruises.

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Grands événements - mai juin - festival © Christophe Caudroy - Studio J'Adore

Most Paris festivals have a dedicated children’s area so that the little ones can come along too and enjoy the event with their parents.

La Villette Sonique

Little Sonique, the kids’ area at the Parc de la Villette music festival La Villette Sonique, welcomes children from 3 years of age. The programme includes some quirky events to introduce them to indie music, as well as creative activities and games.

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We Love Green

At We Love Green, there is an entire 900-m² outdoor area with a programme of fun-filled events geared to festival-going families with kids aged 3-10.

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Soli’mômes is the family area at the Solidays festival, where visitors big and small are encouraged to enjoy the whole event together. Children from 3 to 10 years old are welcomed in to appreciate a tailored programme of music with their parents and get involved in games and culture workshops.

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Rock en Seine

Mini Rock at Rock en Seine is now nearly as well known as the festival itself. In this kid-friendly space with its own team of helpers, families can enjoy concerts and workshops together. Children can then go with their parents to see what else is on offer at the festival with the help of a treasure hunt-style booklet.

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Adventure and brain games


iFLY PARIS - Vol, Paris © David Ken

iFly Paris in the Vill’Up shopping centre offers an introduction to indoor skydiving for people from 5 years of age. It’s the perfect activity for any family of thrill-seekers!

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Escape games

Many escape games in Paris are either suited to children or take place in venues specially designed for people of all ages. Inside Opéra, which takes place in the Palais Garnier, is suitable for children from 8 years of age. All of the Team Break venues are suited to participants 8 years and older. Leavin Room’s escape game ‘Le Pays des Merveilles’ is for players from 7 years of age. The Kairos game, ‘Pirates des Antilles’, can be played by families with children aged 6 and older.

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Treasure hunt

Anima - Avec les enfants, Paris

The Anima agency organizes treasure hunts, quizzes and orienteering for families in search of an offbeat activity for all age groups.

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Other family-friendly activities

Parc Zoologique de Paris

Des enfants au Parc Zoologique de Paris © OTCP - Daniel Thierry

Kids and grownups alike will have a wonderful time gazing at the 180 animal species in the Paris zoo. There are five biozones to explore, and you can also watch the wolves, rhinos, sea lions and lemurs being fed.

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Manoir de Paris

Manoir de Paris

In this eerily lifelike haunted house, visitors wander from one room into the next with no prior warning of what to expect. The blood-drenched scenes and kooky characters at the Manoir de Paris will send thrills down everyone’s spine.

Not recommended for children under 10

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Horse races

Vincennes hippodrome de Paris - Restaurant panoramique  courses chevaux © Olivier Martin Gambier

Something a little different, which everyone is sure to enjoy: watching a horse race at one of the capital’s racecourses. At Vincennes Hippodrome de Paris, the ‘Super dimanche’ event on Sundays is intended to get the whole family interested in horse racing. Every year in springtime, the ‘Dimanches au Galop’ event at the Auteuil and Longchamp racecourses on Sundays offer horse-related fun and sport: races, rides, a merry-go-round, etc.

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